Jun 26, 2010

Ochres and Pinks

surrounded in waves of ochre and gold
 energy spheres hold stories of old
protecting and guiding
each step of the way
leading to pinks
of light that hold sway
each step
a journey
to the sacred inner life
for you me and all
essential birthright

I enjoyed letting a poetry prompt; ochre
inspire this piece. I had already done the sketch and was uncertain of my next step.
Then I remembered that our OSI prompt was a color this week....
the shading of her face,  painting all else along with the poem flowed through as I considered ochre and the spirit of this piece.

This piece has lots of sparkly paint and the scan was so far from true color,
so I took a photo of the art, a bit closer to reality. 
I liked this piece better before i put eyelashes on her....
live and learn.


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Jun 20, 2010

Divine Journey

there is joy
in artful creative expression
a bit like the seasons of Spring
and now Summer
breathing life into a drawing
an idea
a movement
is to join forces with something alive
with the current of breath

this is my first multi-media piece, stamps- both rubber and postal,
adhering bits of napkins,
(thanks to Sharon Tomlinson's napkin tutorial)
also paint and colored pencils
all this in my moleskin journal

it was a bit scary to take the face in the top drawing and start doing things that are new to me
all that tender attention to shading with colored pencils could disappear with the stroke of a brush
instead it was fun
and inspired me to explore this ladies spirit
to feel into her divine journey

today is the first day of Summer

Happy Solstice to each and everyone of you!

Also to all you lovely fathers
who care for your families with wisdom
generosity and joy
I thank you with all my heart, for you make our world a better place!
Happy Father's Day~

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Jun 18, 2010

Paisley ~

Paisley is the theme for Illustration Friday, visit other paisley art.

Not only is paisley whimsical, it is fun to draw. 
As I played with shapes and design, 
I felt energy in the forms,
like chakras dancing around life.

Jun 12, 2010

turquoise eyes

this is an assignment for my goddess and poet class
light sketch first
then developing with colored pencils
then paints, and stamps and more colored pencil
I doubt this is complete.....
still I thought I would share what I am learning


I hope this finds you all well,
enjoying beautiful weather.
It has stopped raining here, we have had great amounts of rain this spring. 
The world looks like a lush rain forest, thick green everywhere!

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Jun 6, 2010

Lady Snowflake

again, sorry my sketch is so hard to see. 
perhaps there is a setting on my scanner that will help....

sincere appreciation
of the landscape of a face
gives light to multitudes of hues
layers of precious cells
every imaginable color
luminosity and complextion
thrilling discovery

I am enjoying learning to work with colored pencils, these are prismacolor. 
What kind of colored pencils do you enjoy?


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