Aug 30, 2010

Introducing~ Ms. Present & Ms. Longing

amazing how much a piece can change as the days go on

ms. present and ms. longing

she is present
heart of knowing
intimacy is who she is
her stance relaxed spaciousness
her core sense is love
she sees herself in every bee flower and tree

she is longing
heart of desire
intimacy she longs to find
her stance leans into the world
her core sense is yearning
she feels alone


this is my first time to join Creative Tuesdays
prompt this week is hair
and I sure messed with these gals hair, oh my....

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in my original sketch, I really felt the presence in the gal to the left
I truly felt longing in the gal to the right
after coloring etc. I am not so sure that I pulled off these spirits...
I am six months into learning to draw and paint, give me another year
perhaps then I can express what I wish to share....
still this is all so fun!

Aug 22, 2010

Golden Realms

golden realms

This week I have finished two pieces, this one and the one in the last post.
I tend to sketch faces when out and about, 
then some day at home I use paints, stamps
and more to complete them.
I enjoy the feeling of completion.

Do you have unfinished art waiting for you?


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Aug 20, 2010

Heart Atmosphere ~

Blue Lotus

pink velvet
rises from the petals of her heart
tenderness flavored with courage
sweet love
with fiery passion
depth of presence
as clarity

poem inspired by Royal who spoke of her friends heart being like pink velvet,
fragile and strong at the same time.

Thank you Royal.

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Aug 9, 2010

born a princess

a princess to life
embracing pleasures
as well as strife
dignity must reign sublime
open to seraphim

It is so interesting to learn multi media art!
To take a drawing that feels good and to tear the face out and adhere it to wood,
then to mess with it, layer after layer
well it is a bit scary, fun and exciting.
I had no idea where I was going with this, she unfolded day after day
glimpse after glimpse
feeling after feeling.

to enjoy other wonderful art!